The 3 Mistakes Of My Life: Book Review

Book: The 3 Mistakes Of My Life
Author: Chetan Bhagat
ISBN: 8129113724
ISBN-13: 9788129113726,978-8129113726
Binding: Paperback
Publishing Date: 2008
Publisher: Rupa & Co
Edition: 1stEdition
Number of Pages: 260
Language: English





Whenever I pick up a Chetan bhagat book- I am sure of two things- I am going back to my college days, I and living through those array of slangs, breathing in the worldly air and slowly giving myself up to the challenges, trials and failures of life- finally being rescued by the strong power of love and relationship. That’s the whole story about Chetan’s world- you hate it you like it- you are bound to love it. That is why everyone from the IITs and IIMs dotted across the country is grabbing their note pad and writing out their story. That is the reason why publishers are coming up with so many campus books. And we are presented with books like Anything For You Madam, Above Average and many more. But miracles happen once- and 3 mistakes- is not at all a miracles- it is the shadow of the author’s previous books. Continue reading

Life is what you make it By Preeti Shenoy: Book Review

Book:Life Is What You Make It
Author:Preeti Shenoy
ISBN-13:9789380349305, 978-9380349305
Publishing Date:2011
Publisher:Srishti Publisher
Number of Pages:209







Here’s a story that feels more real than truth itself.

The story revolves around Ankita Sharma, the main protagonist. She is a regular college going kid with her share of fun, masti, friends, romantic inclinations and all other activities kids nowadays indulge in. She is an intelligent girl, with her head firmly on her shoulders. She has certain fixed aims and goals in life and has a plan to work towards achieving them. Continue reading

talking about a new place: Piyush Jha’s Mumbaistan


It is seldom that life gives you a second chance. Most importantly- you get a second chance only when God knows you are suited for one. I had thought life to go on a tortoise pace post retirement- but here I am writing a review after getting freshly appointed in a MNC company. Books and my professional world are poles after- perhaps that is why- I hold on to books so dearly. After reading a couple of vernacular classics, Piyush Jha’s Mumbaistan- 3 explosive crime thrillers is the first English book I am reading. Here I will say, unless you know how to play with words you can’t be a writer. Piyush could score because he knew that trick well. Continue reading

Dress codes for Indian Traveling

To dress modestly while traveling brings in a lot of difference in your overall traveling experience. India has a rich heritage of culture and so it is necessary to plan your outfits accordingly to the places you visit.

The South Indians tends to be a bit more conservative than the other parts of India. So make sure you read their dress code properly especially when you visit villages to save yourself from embarrassment and stares. Also try wearing loose clothes to keep you aerated in the hot and dry weather. Here are some handy tips that you need to keep in mind while traveling in India. Continue reading

5 Must Visit Places While Travelling In India

India is not called a sub-continent without reason.  This country is truly gifted in terms of flora, fauna and of course, natural beauty.  So anyhow, picking out only 5 places among the many contenders that are worth visiting is quite a tough job. In spite of that, I have tried to put forward a list that will at least be able to give a person a flavour of what this country has to offer. Continue reading

All The World Is My Home

What is the world’s biggest addiction? The need for adventure definitely tops the list. The feeling of being a nomad and living a new day every day in a different place. There is nothing like it. Little or no belongings, but still the privilege of calling the whole world your home is an exuberant and ecstatic feeling. Have you experienced it yet? Continue reading

Depression in Young Adults

Even though very few people actually acknowledge this as a very real and rising problem, depression among young adults is indeed an issue worth noting today. Teenage has always been one of the most confusing times in a person’s life. There are so many new emotions to be dealt with, so many new situations to face, etc. On top of that, late teens are the time for a person to start building up his/her career. As a result, there are quite a few prominent peaks and downfalls in this period. Some people deal with these rises and falls with the help of supportive friends, family and their own strong will. It’s the ones who can’t, who deserve special attention. Continue reading