Dress codes for Indian Traveling

To dress modestly while traveling brings in a lot of difference in your overall traveling experience. India has a rich heritage of culture and so it is necessary to plan your outfits accordingly to the places you visit.

The South Indians tends to be a bit more conservative than the other parts of India. So make sure you read their dress code properly especially when you visit villages to save yourself from embarrassment and stares. Also try wearing loose clothes to keep you aerated in the hot and dry weather. Here are some handy tips that you need to keep in mind while traveling in India.

  • Forget being ultra-fashionable. Any good looking clothes will do especially those made of cotton and other natural fibers as they are best for Indian weather. But make sure you cover all your important parts.
  • Kurta or Salwar-kameez is a cool and comfortable outfit for a woman. It fits with Indian standards of modesty and western ideas of modern design. The shawl that accompanies the Salwar kameez can be draped around your shoulders and even across your chest saving you some stares. They can also be used as a headdress if you go into temples or any other religious places.
  • Wear slip- on shoes or sandals while traveling so that you can slip them out easily when visiting temples or religious sites.
  • Wear a Sari. They look modest and are the most comfortable clothing for Indian weathers. A sari consists of a blouse called choli, an underskirt and several meters of fabric that is folded, tucked and wrapped around the body. But if you are unwilling to go through the required hassle, skip it.
  • Wear sunglasses to protect yourself from the glaring sun. it’s a must if you plan on traveling in India during summer.

  • Wearing jeans and a shirt is okay but make sure your tops don’t invite any stares. But this is not applicable for the cities where you can more or less dress in any way you like provided that you are not flashing your goods around.
  • Don’t wear shorts while travelling in India unless you are in your own room or cottage. Although this won’t be a problem in the bigger cities, the larger part of the Indian population is conservative. Wear ankle length skirts and cotton blouses that can be washed out quickly and dried. Loose cotton shirts and pants actually feel much cooler in the heat than tight jeans and long-sleeved shirts .They also protect from sunburns and mosquitoes.
  • Always have a scarf or shoulder wrap handy and wear it .They would look beautiful as well they help you to blend in.

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