All The World Is My Home

What is the world’s biggest addiction? The need for adventure definitely tops the list. The feeling of being a nomad and living a new day every day in a different place. There is nothing like it. Little or no belongings, but still the privilege of calling the whole world your home is an exuberant and ecstatic feeling. Have you experienced it yet?

We all have a routine, a daily routine that we religiously stick to. Getting up early in morning, running to reach school/college/office on time, trying to complete daily tasks, reaching back home, dinner, TV and then going to sleep-that’s our life. It is good to have a routine but every routine needs its breaks. A break to rejuvenate, refresh and get back with new zeal. With the shackles of everyday jobs, we forget that we need to stop somewhere and give sometime to ourselves, give sometime to our interests.

Travel is not just an act of leaving behind routine and enjoying a new scenery. It is much more than that. It is a learning experience. When we leave our comfort zone, we take on the challenge of new experiences. We come across new people, new places, new cultures, and new memories, when we venture into new horizons. This is important for us, for our being. We are nomads at heart and no matter how much we suppress this nature, it is there. Then why do we suppress it? Why not revel in this nature? Take short breaks and lose yourself in what the world has to offer. For travel is the best way to search your inner self.

You do not need to take a month long vacation or take a year or two off from your daily life. You just need to take off for a few days. Just like that. A weekend get-away, a small day trip, a walk down the memory lane, or even a trip down to your hometown is enough.
So take a break, do something new, go beyond your routine and break free. Travel and search yourself today. It is fun and never let go of these small time-out moments for they will give you the well deserved rejuvenation time.
Let the world welcome you, let it be your home!


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