Depression in Young Adults

Even though very few people actually acknowledge this as a very real and rising problem, depression among young adults is indeed an issue worth noting today. Teenage has always been one of the most confusing times in a person’s life. There are so many new emotions to be dealt with, so many new situations to face, etc. On top of that, late teens are the time for a person to start building up his/her career. As a result, there are quite a few prominent peaks and downfalls in this period. Some people deal with these rises and falls with the help of supportive friends, family and their own strong will. It’s the ones who can’t, who deserve special attention.

Causes and Symptoms of Depression:

The causes of depression vary for different people; for some it is failure, for some it is ruined personal relationships. But the results are same for all. There is a deep feeling of regret, worthlessness and loss of belief in oneself. However, it should be mentioned here that depression usually does not occur for one reason alone. It is a combination of a variety of occurrences that trigger such behavior. Often, it can also be passed genetically.

Symptoms of depression are quite prominent among persons who are undergoing a high degree of the same. There are marked changes in their behavior. These signs or symptoms are the hints to their guardians that their children require help. Moreover, the patients themselves often fail to recognize that the condition they are suffering from is indeed depression and requires professional attention. They dismiss it as something they alone are experiencing and nobody else understands. So, let us look at some of these symptoms which can help in this realization.

  • People experience a marked increase in irritation, sadness and aggression.
  • They either have a constant craving for food or are disinterested in it completely.
  • They either tend to sleep very little or too much.
  • Pain or physical ailments, even though there is actually nothing wrong with them physically.
  • The last on this list but at the top of the list of major concerns for both the sufferer and the parent is suicidal feelings and tendencies.

Steps to be Taken:

If these feelings of unhappiness, lack of hope and utter worthlessness are allowed to increase, teenagers often try to find a solution in death or suicide. As alarming as it may sound, it is true. Many late teens have made such attempts and even those who have not succeeded, have failed to return to a normal lifestyle since.  This is why, it is necessary to take immediate steps to help the person who is suffering from such trauma (whether it is you or someone that you know).

All that the patients need is the assurance that others understand them and are there to support them. Talking to them is the best solution possible. If the problem seems to be too critical to deal with by a layman, the person suffering from it should be taken to a professional immediately. Depression can be gotten rid of with just some determination, help and courage. So, don’t let it spoil someone’s life just because sufficient importance was not given to the problem.


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