5 Must Visit Places While Travelling In India

India is not called a sub-continent without reason.  This country is truly gifted in terms of flora, fauna and of course, natural beauty.  So anyhow, picking out only 5 places among the many contenders that are worth visiting is quite a tough job. In spite of that, I have tried to put forward a list that will at least be able to give a person a flavour of what this country has to offer.

  • Kerala: While constructing a list of the must visit places, can we leave ‘God’s own country’ out? This state has everything. The gorgeous greenery, beautiful, golden sunny beaches and the unique backwaters. Perhaps, it is rightly claimed that Kerala is comparable to an emerald in the map India. Kovalam and its many beaches has a little of everything. The sea-food, the little stalls selling bits and pieces of the state’s culture, the blue of the Bay of Bengal; what more could one want? The backwaters perhaps need no introduction. The tours and boat rides there attract tourists from all parts do the world. However, one or two hours are hardly from enough to drink in the true beauty of the place. So, for the adventurous ones, there is an option to spend two or three days atop a boat on the backwaters. This way, they get to have the unique experience of spending a thrilling night in such a picturesque location.

  • Kashmir Valley: No trip to India can be complete without a visit to Kashmir. This valley is often considered the most beautiful place in the entire country. The colourful valleys, the still picture-perfect lakes, snow covered peaks have led to Kashmir being considered to be the ‘Switzerland of the Eastern Region’.  There is perhaps no season which can dampen the beauty of this place. If the summers sprinkle gold over the entire valley, the autumn seems to light up the whole place in a brilliant flame of red. The winter is a picture of snow covered serenity. Travelling in India therefore, cannot ever be said to be complete if one hasn’t seen Kashmir with their own eyes.

  • Rajasthan: If the above mentioned places had an edge over the rest with their natural beauty, Rajasthan in itself is a picture of royalty and grandeur. The many forts and palaces that the state is dotted with are all worth paying a visit to. No wonder, a trip to Rajasthan cannot be satisfying unless sufficient time is devoted to exploring each part. From Jaipur, the Gateway to the state, to Jaisalmer the Golden city, they are all stunning to say the least. Udaipur is rightly referred to as the ‘city of dreams’ as its gorgeous gardens and romantic palaces are truly what dreams are made of.

  • Agra: Not so much for the natural beauty, but can the city that is home to the Taj Mahal be left out of this list? This mausoleum voted to be the most popular among all the seven wonders in the world. Covered in white marble, it is quite a sight for the eyes too. It is regarded to be the most important example of the brilliance of Mughal architecture in India. One truly needs to see it with their eyes to believe how magnificent the Taj Mahal is.

  • Goa: Yes, this place too is one of those that do to need any introduction.  Goa is one of the most popular tourist spots both with the Indians and the foreign visitors. Famous for its many glorious beaches, it is always buzzing with life in the right seasons. The night life here too is worth experiencing.Even apart from the beaches, the place is dotted with many beautiful churches. When none visits Goa, it is more than visiting a place. It is visiting a culture.

Do I even need to say that this list could go on and on? But for convenience’s sake, why don’t you start with these places and then we will talk about exploring the rest of this country!


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