Life is what you make it By Preeti Shenoy: Book Review

Book:Life Is What You Make It
Author:Preeti Shenoy
ISBN-13:9789380349305, 978-9380349305
Publishing Date:2011
Publisher:Srishti Publisher
Number of Pages:209







Here’s a story that feels more real than truth itself.

The story revolves around Ankita Sharma, the main protagonist. She is a regular college going kid with her share of fun, masti, friends, romantic inclinations and all other activities kids nowadays indulge in. She is an intelligent girl, with her head firmly on her shoulders. She has certain fixed aims and goals in life and has a plan to work towards achieving them.

Life is good.

But then it seems like God has another plan.

Ankita starts showing signs of manic depression and her medical checkup reveals Bipolar Disorder. Her life is thrown into pandemonium where nothing seems to make sense anymore.

What follows is a gripping tale of courage, faith, love and belief.

Ankita strives to bring her life back to normal – fighting the demons of depression and regaining control over her life.

You begin to care for Ankita. You wish she heals quickly and gets the life she deserves.

A highly sensitive and intense subject is touched upon and is beautifully portrayed. Preeti shows her skills as an excellent author. The finer details about the disorder show the author’s perspective and in-depth research. She does complete justice to the situations, the feelings, the characters, and yes, most importantly the title.

The characters and the settings come alive as you read on. The feelings and the emotions of Ankita, her parents and loved ones touch your heart and your soul.

As part the narration goes- it’s smooth enough. You live along with Ankita- as the novel proceeds- following her just like a harmless shadow. College days are fresh for you feel attached to them- yet her struggles and plight over the years will make you feel as if- you are watching the life of a next door neighbor unfolding in front of you. A reader is likely to understand that simplicity hits home – a ploy Preeti is good at applying.

It is a coming of age novel that blends emotions, sensitivity, feelings and maturity in the right proportion to inspire readers to never give up hope. Life is never the same. Ups and downs are inevitable. But belief in oneself, determination to pass it through, and faith in the Almighty sets all problems aside.

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